La Pampa at Peifer Orchards in November

La Pampa is grilling sausage sandwiches-“chori-panes”-along with chicken wings, and whole chickens to order at Peifer Orchards Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays during the month of November from noon-5pm (except Nov 10 & 16).

Even in the cool weather, Mariano is grilling under the roofed deck, and hot cider along with fresh apples from the Orchards onsite are inside. Please give a call to place an order for a whole chicken two days before, so we can order from the farm and have it ready on your day of pick-up: 443-928-5356 (cell).

La Pampa will NOT be at Peifer’s on Saturday, Nov 10th, or Friday, Nov 16th, instead will be cooking for private parties off-site.

Interested in hosting a dinner party with Mariano as your cook? We’d be happy to talk with you about menu options, site locations, and more.

Check out Mariano’s c.v. here for the culinary experience he brings as a private chef from working in Europe, Argentina and the U.S.

Contact La Pampa at; 767-1649 or 443-928-5356 (cell).


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