La Pampa’s Menu for Friday at YS Brewery

La Pampa will be at the Yellow Springs Brewery this Friday, August 9 from 3-9pm. Here’s a preview of the menu:

Bruscetta de Tomate
Flying Mouse Farm’s heirloom tomato wheels with fresh basil and herbs served on large rosemary toast – $4.

Alas de Pollo Orgánico
Organic chicken wings (Morning Sun Farm) confit: four hours of slow-cooked wings in duck fat with spices, then finished on the grill – 3 wings/ $4.

Choclo Local
Local corn on the cobb, grilled and served with butter – $2.

La Pampa’s classic local sausage sandwich with chimichurri sauce (olive oil, apple cider vinegar, and spices) on baguette bread – $6.50.

SEE YOU SOON! Sat and Sun La Pampa returns to Peifer Orchards from noon-5pm. To order a whole chicken, call a day ahead: 443-928-5356.

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