La Pampa in Nov and Dec

La Pampa Grill previewLa Pampa Argentine Grill will be grilling Saturdays and Sundays in November and December at Peifer Orchards from noon – 5pm (except not on Sat, Nov 30). Directions to Peifer Orchards can be found here.

Friday and Saturday, Nov 22 & 23, La Pampa Grill will also be at Yellow Springs Brewery from 5pm – 8pm. Directions to the Brewery can be found here.

Most weekend menus include:

  • Our “Chori-pan” classic Argentine sub – local chorizo sausage on baguette bread w/ chimichurri sauce.
  • “Alas de Pollo Orgánico” – Organic grilled chicken wings (Morning Sun Farm).
  • Special – Acorn Squash halved, grilled, and filled with pecans and maple syrup from Flying Mouse Farms.

Contact La Pampa for Argentine style grilling for private events and weddings, spring and summer 2014!

Thanksgiving Turkeys grilled by La Pampa

Thank you everyone for your great response – we are closing reservations for Thanksgiving Turkeys. Look for us again next year!

Mariano cooks your Thanksgiving turkey on his wood-fired grill, again like last year!

It works like this: you bring your own turkey with the receipt of where it was purchased (from a local farm source); make a reservation with Mariano through email or phone (see below); and bring your turkey already defrozen the day before. Mariano will cook it “a la parrilla” — over the grill as is typical in Argentina, guaranteed to be juicy and tender. We won’t accept industrial or supermarket turkeys, they need to be sourced as locally as possible and from a known farm.

Contact Mariano to discuss details (hours of pick-up, price, etc.) at or on his cell: 443-928-5356.

Stop by Peifer Orchards on Saturdays and Sundays in November from noon to 5pm – La Pampa is grilling!