Earth Dinner with La Pampa & The Emporium

Emporium Wines La Pampa PhotoLa Pampa Grill and The Emporium are planning the first Chefs Collaborative Earth Dinner in Yellow Springs this spring. On Sunday, April 27 at 7pm, join us at The Emporium in downtown Yellow Springs.

We will begin with a reception of “tabla de quesos,” a selection of local cheeses from Blue Jacket Dairy paired with two white wines. Kurt will introduce the featured wines from Ohio and Argentina, and afterwards we will invite everyone to the table. Here, we will serve local, grass-fed beef grilled on the spot in a traditional, hardwood, Argentine style by the “parrillero” Mariano. Dinner also includes seasonal greens from Flying Mouse Farms and Patchwork Gardens, along with a selection of red wines. To finish, we will invite guests to an espresso or port wine with petits fours made from scratch with Flying Mouse maple syrup, and discuss the philosophy of sustainable, local gastronomy with an introduction to the local farms featured in the evening’s meal.

Tickets will be on sale at The Emporium starting in the first week of April. Space is limited to 25 people.

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