La Pampa at YSHS baseball games this week

La Pampa Grill previewLa Pampa will be grilling at two Yellow Springs High School home baseball and softball games on Monday and Tuesday, May 5 & 6, at Gaunt Park from 5-8pm. To celebrate the bonafide U.S. traditional sport of baseball, La Pampa will be serving hot dogs at the games!

The Good Frank‘s hot dogs are locally sourced from Ohio family farms, handmade in small batches with freshly ground herbs and spices, and contain no preservatives or artificial flavors or colors. Our friends in Columbus, Tyrone and his incredible family, began their business and family-run farm at the same time as La Pampa, and now sell their franks across the state of Ohio. For the YSHS games, Tyrone has recommended his favorite buns, honey and whole wheat, baked fresh daily. We’re so happy to be bringing The Good Frank’s incredible hot dogs to Y.S.!

La Pampa will be selling The Good Frank’s all-beef hot dogs for $4 with ketchup and mustard, and your choice toppings: sauerkraut, red cabbage-apple-kraut, and pickles. Mon-Tue, May 5-6, from 5-8pm at Gaunt Park on W. South College St. in Yellow Springs.

A memorable Earth Dinner in Yellow Springs

a touch of sea saltThanks to everyone who made last week’s Earth Dinner at The Emporium a success! Mariano is a new member of Chefs Collaborative, a national network of chefs working to create a sustainable local economy through cooking seasonal foods, supporting local farms and growers, and preserving culinary traditions. Joining Chefs Collaborative’s national Earth Dinner initiative, Mariano and Kurt created  a beautiful dinner for 25 guests that included a wine tasting with local, seasonal fare.

Blue Jacket Dairy cheesesOur favorite wine of the evening was Kurt’s choice from the Ohio River Valley,  Kinkaid Ridge Cabernet Sauvignon 2011. This wine coupled with four delicate cheeses from Blue Jacket Dairy, and plenty of conversation among the guests. A lovely Malbec (Susana Balbo) and Rioja (Hazana Tradicion), accompanied the grass-fed rib eye steaks from Mt. Victory, Ohio, grilled right outside on the wood-fired, Argentine style mobile grill of La Pampa. After presenting the fresh rib eye prior to grilling, Mariano prepared them with bouquet of seasonal greens–swiss chard, elephant kale and arugula–from Flying Mouse Farm in Yellow Springs.

Ohio Cabernet-The EmporiumPerhaps the highlight of the evening, were the Rieslings accompanied by Mariano’s Petit Fours. These French, bite-sized pastries were made from scratch with local eggs from Morning Sun Farm: Flying Mouse Farm’s maple syrup merengue; French macaron; Almond flour daquoise; and Chocolate raspberry bon-bons.

La Pampa Argentine GrillFor La Pampa Grill, a farm-to-street mobile Argentine grill locally owned and operated in and around Yellow Springs, it was an exciting kick-off to a new season through a national event.  Sharing Chefs Collaborative’s vision, Mariano combines his own cultural culinary traditions with sustainable, local Ohio foods helping to create his sense of place in the Midwest while preserving and sharing his heritage from South America.

Thanks again to our local farms (we are so lucky to have you!!), The Emporium and the evening’s guests, for making it a truly memorable evening!

grass-fed ribeye Mt Victory OH