John Bryan CX bike race this weekend!

483012_459620000750885_179110891_nWe’ll be grilling at the John Bryan Cyclocross Classic Saturday and Sunday, November 22 and 23, from 10am to 3pm!

This awesome bike race is part of the Ohio Valley Cyclocross Championship: “a 14 race series representing the scenes in Cincinnati, Dayton, Louisville, Lexington, Bloomington and Indianapolis region.  Racers accumulate points for participation and placing in series events (best 7 placings) to win the overall championship in 24 categories.” You may read more about it here, or follow the John Bryan CX on Facebook.

The weekend is warming up, and racers are getting ready! Fans are welcome!

For directions to John Bryan State Park, click here.

photo credit: John Bryan CX

Thanksgiving Turkey Tradition

IMG_20130908_183307It’s that time of year again! For the third year now, La Pampa Grill’s tradition of cooking wood-fired turkeys for Thanksgiving dinner returns. Each interested family purchases their own local turkey (Bowman Landes’ turkeys are available to order at Tom’s Market in downtown Yellow Springs) and brings it the day before to be cooked over the wood-fired grill on Thanksgiving Day. Families return to take their turkey straight home to their Thanksgiving table!

SPACE IS LIMITED. We are only able to cook five turkeys this year, and two have already been ordered! To place an order and arrange details, email La Pampa at: