Mariano Rios C.V.


The Winds Café              Yellow Springs, Ohio            2011-present and 2003-2004
International cuisine. Position: sauté and preparation of sauces. Kitchen directed by Ms. Kim Korkan. Reference: 215 Xenia Avenue Yellow Springs, OH 45387 / Phone: 937 767 1144

Centro Tapas Bar                     Baltimore, Maryland                                       2010
Fine dining tapas restaurant. Position: Chef. Worked with owner George Dailey to design and elaborate menu for restaurant’s opening and first year in business. Mr. Dailey (current owner: On the Hill Café) Phone: 410 225 9667

Patissiere Poupon                     Baltimore, Maryland                                     2009
Traditional French Pastry Shop and Bakery. Position: Pastry chef.
Owned and directed by Josef Poupon. Phone: 410 332 0390

Woodberry Kitchen                  Baltimore, Maryland                               2007-2009
Traditional American cuisine from the farm to the table. Position: wood burning oven. On original restaurant’s cooking team from its opening in 2007. Owned and directed by Spike Gjerde. Phone: 410 464 8000

Woodberry Kitchen

Woodberry Kitchen

Woodberry Kitchen was the first and continues to be the top-rated restaurant that is 100% farm-to-table in the Washington D.C. area. Chef/owner Spike Gjerde invited me to form part of the team of cooks to open the restaurant in 2007. The transition to 100% farm-to-table year round menu took a number of years to achieve, but together, we grew in traditional techniques (canning, pickling, curing, preserving, drying), and 21st century modern techniques, such as sous-vide (of which I earned a Masters in this technique in Tony Botella’s Taller de Cocina in Barcelona). In February 2012, I did an intensive training with Gjerde in advanced charcuterie based on the Mangalitza pig. Today, Woodberry Kitchen preserves all local products in mass scale in their own kitchen, and, in this way, are able to offer a great variety of preserved products throughout the winter months.

Biberius & Il Cucciolo                       Capri, Italy                                         2001-2002
Worked two consecutive years in Italy gaining experience in “alta cocina” (contemporary, fine dining). In Biberius, under Chef Oliver Glowig, who earned a Michellin star in 1999, I worked as de Parti Gardemanger and Chef de Parti Patisserie. In Il Cucciolo, my experience was with traditional Italian cuisine, with an introduction to charcuterie.

Galo Resort Hotels                           Madeira, Portugal                                 2000
Typical Portuguese and international cuisine. Position: second cook in charge of preparation and elaboration of meats and desserts. My second experience working in a five-star hotel restaurant.

Costa Traful                                       Traful, Argentina                                   1999-2000
Chef of regional Argentine restaurant for the summer season in Patagonia. Specialty in cuisine based on hunting and fishing, such as trout, venison and wild boar. Owners: Tomy Cherr and Guillermo Geist / Ruta 65 NQN


Masters in Butchering & Charcuterie, Baltimore, Maryland 2012, Woodberry Kitchen (butchering and elaboration: Mangalitza pig)

Masters in Sous-Vide, Taller de Cuina of Tony Botella Barcelona, Spain 2008

Degree: Restaurant Cook, Professional School of Cooking of Mar del Plata, Argentina 1997
Program with orientation to French cuisine and: hotel administration, market costs, Nutrition and Hygiene.

Bachiller Contable: High School Diploma. I.S.S.E. Coronel Vidal, Argentina 1992

Contact Mariano through La Pampa Grill, here.

La Pampa Argentine Grill

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  3. LaPampa catered my wedding rehearsal dinner and it was absolutely wonderful! I have never had so many compliements. Our guests were so impressed with the food and his attentive service. I would recommend him for any event you are throwing big or small! I would hire him again in a heart beat:)

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