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BLOG- Family Fun at the Clifton Gorge Music and Arts Festival20140816_141208

By Amy Magnus
Published: August 30, 2014

…”The village was in its final hour of preparation for the 2014 Clifton Gorge Music and Arts Festival, and my daughter was all for hitting the gates of its 4pm opening…We were back at the festival within the hour following our noses to our evening meal. We hit gold right away. Next to the music pavilion at the center of the festival, we found Mariano and Luisa Rios of La Pampa Grill caramelizing bright orange and yellow peppers, pork sausage, and corn on the cob. We ordered an ear of corn for each family member and a sandwich for the adults. I stood by the grill watching the pork sizzle and pop as our order cooked. The rest of the family bounded over to a castle-shaped bouncy house and were soon hopping about like grease on a griddle.”

BLOG-La Pampa PicnicLaPampaGrill1
By Amy Magnus
Published: June 1, 2013

“In the cooler weather of this year’s Memorial Day weekend, nothing seemed more idyllic than a family picnic. On Sunday 26 May, La Pampa Grill offered the perfect setting and a tasty menu. Under the tender spring leaves at Peifer’s Orchard, we spread out our picnic blankets to enjoy wood grilled chicken and pork and the wines of Argentina. Cooking over a wood fire may seem the up and coming rage for some, but for La Pampa Grill owner Mariano Rios it has long been a way of life. In the La Pampa Province of Argentina, the tradition of cooking whole meats over wood is strong…” Read more…

Wood grill to light a food movement La Pampa grilling at dusk
By Lauren Heaton, Yellow Springs News. Published: July 26, 2012

“It turns out the slow food movement is only partly about food — albeit delicious, fresh, bursting-with-flavor food. Slow food is also about what you do in between bites, namely, create community, which is what local chef Mariano Rios wants to tap with an age-old, worldly concept known to the Midwest as a barbeque…” Read more…

La Pampa to knit an Argentine tradition into the community
By Lauren Heaton, Yellow Springs News.  Published: July 18, 2012

  • Yellow Springs News

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