La Pampa Grill is gearing up for a new season!

Although the grill wasn’t fired over the winter, La Pampa Grill has been working through the snowy months for a new season–complete with a new, custom-built food cart and grill. It arrived this week!

New cart and grillWe are also thrilled to be in partnership with recently established Synergy Incubators, as well as being members of the newly formed Miami Valley Food Truck Association, and Yellow Springs Chamber of Commerce.

Stay tuned for our opening, and as we keep you updated on events and locations for the season!

About La Pampa Grill

La Pampa Grill will be grilling by special orders whole chickens, leg of lamb, whole pieces of grass-fed beef, and pork in a traditional Argentine style, slow roasted over hard wood fire for your special dinner or party.

We source all of the meats from local, family run farms in southwest Ohio including Anderson Farm, New Liberty Farm, Keener Farm, TS Farm, among others. In addition, La Pampa sources produceLa Pampa Grill preview from area Farmers Markets, and local, artisanal breads.

La Pampa Grill supports local farms to engage in and help develop environmentally and culturally sustainable practices, a thriving local economy; and offer the highest quality, fresh foods cooked in a simple, slow, traditional style.